Double Bass (Pieces from the young generation)
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Galiot´s piece for solo double bass On The Roof , part of the new edition Double Bass-pieces from the young generation-is from now available.

The subtitle, Pieces by the young generation, does not mean the composers´date of birth, but compositions which were to be published in the framework of a competition from the year 2010/11. The double bass as a solo instrument was not in the focus during the recent years. It is a lonely instrument and requires a mature artist with devotion. Composers from all over the world complied the appeal e.g. from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, New Zealand and USA in order to name only some of them. All composers are introduced with their CV and some notes about their work. With this publication the publisher will promote the personal network and the exchange of the artists with each other, an aim, which sometimes is somehow neglected by institutions promoting modern music.

There are explanations, supplemented by a detailed appendix with information on all the composers represented in this edition.

Double Bass – Pieces from the young generation – is from now available by Simonverlag für Bibliothekswissen (
English with a CD, Deutsch mit CD
2012, 265 Seiten, softcover
ISBN 978-3-940862-36-5
ISMN 979-0-700302-06-1
32,00 €

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